Monday, April 21, 2008

Desert Innovation Festival

The Desert Innovation Festival begins on 25th April 2008, in association with the Australian Innovation Festival. It features a series of local and cross border events spanning desert Australia. Events in the festival are organised by Desert Knowledge Australia and other partners in the desert knowledge movement.

Highlights among the 19 listed events include a videoconference link-up involving researchers and businesspeople in the food industry to explore Desert Food Innovation (1 May), a virtual event discussing 4WD tourism in desert Australia; a cross desert conversation about innovative models, partnerships and approaches in the arts industry (21 May); and sharing experiences of local community sustainability initiatives to conserve energy and water (22 May). Download your copy of the 2008 Desert Innovation Festival program here.

Now in its fourth year, this festival celebrates how people in desert Australia are meeting desert challenges through partnerships, desert ideas, desert know-how and desert innovation.

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