Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ClimateXchange: How’s your world?

Questacon and ASPAC have made a climateXchange website for the Asia Pacific region.

climateXchange is helping to raise awareness of climate change and its impacts on local communities across the Asia Pacific. The site provides a space to gather stories on climate change from schools and communities and to share the great things that schools and communities are undertaking.

Submissions can include pictures, written pieces or videos that examine the effects of climate change both locally and globally.The collection of submissions are presented on the climateXchange website where users click on a location and view a story about climate change in that area. Visitors can see stories from areas as diverse as The Great Barrier Reef, the Snowy Mountain and Antarctica through the eyes of people who live and work there.

Examples of stories include a video from a primary school in Sydney showing what they are doing to make a difference or an interview with a scientist who is battling hard to save the rare mountain pygmy possum.To get involved and share your story go to the climateXchange website

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