Friday, July 18, 2008

AAEE Conference and Art Exhibition in Second Life

Alice Solar City commercial program launched

The Alice Solar City Commercial Services Program was officially launched (link to this media release on website) on 30 May, and over 25 businesses have expressed their interest in getting involved. Did you know that the non-domestic sector consumes over 50% of Alice Springs’ power? The call for applications for large businesses to access Alice Solar City incentives was announced on 10 July (link to this media release on website). Large businesses are those that use over 160 megawatt hours (MWh) per year. Businesses who are interested can check their powerbill to see if they qualify to apply for subsidies of up to $25,000, or for more innovative projects consideration will be given to provide up to $50,000. Applications close August 22nd, however there will be a second round offered early in 2009 if businesses are not ready.

Alice Solar City will also support Schools that are applying for the Federal Government Grant of up to $50,000 per school in the National Solar Schools Program. More information about this coming soon.

The residential program is proving to be extremely popular with over 300 residents already signed up to receive a variety of services and financial incentives. A substantial number of residents have also expressed interest to install a rooftop solar PV system, however there are still a significant number of the 225 PV systems available. If you would like to find out more about Solar PV, other incentives or to sign up to Alice Solar City just drop into the Smart Living Centre at 82 Todd Street (next to Bojangles) or call 8950 4350.

Greywater bucketing is now OK in the NT!

Manual bucketing onto lawn and garden areas using water from the bathroom or laundry, or temporary use of a hose manually fitted to a washing machine outlet hose, is permitted subject to the advice found here. However, permanent greywater diversion systems still need NT Health Dept approval as explained here. The health department website has a page on onsite wastewater management, with lists of approved greywater diversion devises .
• Avoid contact with greywater before eating or drinking
• Prevent children from playing on greywater irrigated areas until dry
• Use washing products with low salt, phosphorus and boron
• Remember greywater is often alkaline and not good for acid loving plants
• Avoid using kitchen greywater
• Store for more than 24 hours
• Allow it to pond
• Use if people in the family have diarrhea or are vomiting
• Use kitchen greywater

Home Water Audits

Want to save water and combat climate change? Book a home water audit from DKA COOLmob. Audits cost only $10 and take about an hour. Your auditor may even bring some free water saving items such as a shower timer. You can also find out about the NT government’s $500 plumbing rebate. To book. ring 8952 0299

Making Solar Ovens out of old hot water systems

Making Solar Ovens out of old hot water systems – Saturday August 23rd
Learn to make and cook in your own solar oven out of recycled and new materials, including bits from old solar hot water systems.

Steve Sawyer, winner of last year’s solar oven bakeoff, is conducting the workshop at Red Hot Arts on making a box cooker. Materials provided. Places are limited to a maximum of ten.

RSVP by August 19th to Kat, 8952 0299 or

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Social networking site for environmental professionals

Earth Newswire is a professional network and news website driven by people interested in environmental science, ecology and conservation. The site includes member-generated pages, event notices, discussion forums, and photos and videos.

New Education for Sustainability Online Journal

London South Bank University (UK) has launched Indicator, a new online journal focusing on education for sustainability. The journal is freely accessible, and downloadable content will be archived to build a valuable resource over time.

I have added a permanent link to Indicator from this blog in the links section so you can always find it by returning here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2008

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2008 runs from Monday 25 – Sunday 31 August.

You can help tackle climate change and protect our natural resources by participating in the Score Points for the Environment Challenge during Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2008.

For more information see the flyer. Register on the KAB website.

Solar Oven Bakeoff

Now is the time to start thinking about entering the Solar Oven Bakeoff

Steve Sawyer, winner of last year’s Solar Oven Bakeoff, is preparing to hand over the Green Spoon trophy to the next solar chef. This could be a great challenge for students, especially those in the middle years.

Get your ovens ready and start creating recipes for the 2008 Bakeoff on September 20th at Olive Pink Botanic Gardens. The judge is rumoured to be a very well known cookbook author.