Monday, November 17, 2008

Nuclear Waste Dump Senate Inquiry

The Federal Government is conducting a Senate Inquiry into the future of the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act (CRWMA).
This undemocratic piece of legislation allows a federal nuclear waste dump to be forced on the Territory.
Despite a clear election promise from the ALP to repeal this act, almost a year later, this has not been followed through.
Four areas are still under assessment due to the CRWMA - Mt Everard, Fishers Ridge, Harts Range and Muckaty.

Public hearings start in Alice Springs on Monday November 17.
We need a strong turnout from the local community to show there is continued opposition to this proposal.
Tell the federal government - Don't dump on the Territory!

Monday November 17
12pm, Crowne Plaza Lawns
Speakers include people from affected areas and local organisations.

Public hearing times:
Monday November 17, 1pm - 5pm
Tuesday November 18, 8am - 11am
Crowne Plaza Ballroom AB
Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please pass this message on to all of your family, friends and networks.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Book by Janis Birkeland
A heralding work of how a positive and innovative design agenda for the built environment, underlined by an uncompromising valuation of ecology and nature's services, can mobilize our efforts in becoming native to the planet. This is a wonderful book that should be on the desk of every architect and planner. It shows how our decisions about the built environment can be a positive contribution to shaping a sustainable future.


Your Home is a suite of consumer and technical guide materials and tools developed to encourage the design, construction or renovation of homes to be comfortable, healthy and more environmentally sustainable.
The Your Home Technical Manual gives you the information you need to design and build a more comfortable home that is less expensive to run while more environmentally friendly. Written by designers and builders, for designers and builders, it is the definitive tool for creating a home that is enjoyable to live in, cost effective and environmentally sensitive.
The Technical Manual contains over 60 individual fact sheets full of environmentally sustainable solutions for designing and building your home.

Inquiry based learning for sustainability

An inquiry-based learning approach to sustainability.
The sustainability focused units contained in this series encourage students to become actively involved in their world. Based on problem-based and inquiry-based learning pedagogy, the units of work are student-focused, promote active and deep learning, and motivate students to want to learn more about, and help them develop a sense of moral ownership for the natural environment.
Each unit contains detailed teacher information on planning and implementing the unit of work, and supporting reproducible student worksheets. It is hoped that by presenting this instructional model to teachers in a clear and sequenced way, they will go on to plan and build further problem-based and inquiry-based units of work with a sustainability focus.


NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Awards) and the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) have announced the names of the 60 Australian teachers to receive recognition through NEiTA’s inaugural 2008 ASG Inspirational Teacher State and Territory Awards.
The recognised inspirational teachers work across the spectrum of education sectors from early childhood to secondary schooling, teaching students with varied learning needs, and in specialised subject areas.


Nominations close 1 Dec 08

UNEP invites nominations from individuals who have made a significant contribution globally, regionally and beyond, to the protection and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. They may be Presidents, politicians, economists, scientists or philosophers or perhaps musicians, artists, actors, religious or civic figures operating on the global, national or local stage. They may be community leaders, business leaders or youth leaders who are triggering a transformation aimed at bringing forward tomorrow's world today by turning their societies into beacons of fundamental and sustainable change. Whomever and wherever they are UNEP wants to know and looks forward to award the brightest and the best as a 2009 Champion of the Earth.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Join Kath & Kim in the fight for our natural Aussie icons

What do a footballer, a cook and two foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes have in common? All are speaking out for Australia’s iconic places at risk of disappearing unless Australia provides stronger action on climate change over coming months.

The Australian Conservation Foundation has launched a new report and website ‘Who on Earth Cares about our special Australian places?’ highlighting ten of Australia’s top natural icons at serious risk from climate change.

Visit to find out which of our favourite places are threatened from climate change, and send a postcard to our leaders from your special place calling from greater leadership and stronger action to save these icons while we still have the chance.

You’ll be in good company – many of Australia’s best known faces from stage, screen and stadium are also speaking out for their favourite Australian places, from our world-class wine regions and Kakadu’s wetlands to the Great Barrier Reef and our beaches.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Re-Think : Review : Reflect : Renew

A small group of Central Australian teachers came together today to review and reflect upon their experiences with the Re-Thinking Waste in Schools Challenge of 2008

During 2008 the teachers lead their schools though a broad range of initiatives including reducing water use, recycling, composting, worm farming, growing food, the Wearable Arts exhibition, a sustainability musical and much much more.

You can read individual school stories on the Re-Thinking Waste Wikispace (Bradshaw, Braitling, Living Waters)

After this period of reflection, teachers began to think about their plans for next year. Sam Latz from Alice Solar City and Roger Chapman from Water Wise Schools. Both Bradshaw and Braitling will be part of the Energy Smart Schools Program next year, with targets to reduce their energy consumption.

All schools involved in the Re-Thinking Waste Challenge in the NT are part of the AuSSI-NT, a group of schools working to become more sustainable - part of the national Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative

If you are interested to find out more about becoming an NT Sustainable School contact the project officer on 8951 8718

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Central Australian Frog Watch

Parks and Wildlife NT are offering a free slide show in the creek at Simpsons Gap to celebrate the Year of the Frog. The slideshow will be followed by a guided spotlighting tour to view the astonishing amphibians of desert.

The event will run for 3 nights, on the 9th, 11th and 15th Nov from 7-9pm.
Bring your own chair or rug and wear appropriate clothing.

Bookings are ESSENTIAL
Call Michael Barritt on 89518247 or email him at to secure your place.

KWATYE Exhibition Opening - Olive Pink Botanic Garden

Kwatye is the Arrernte word for water or rain and is the theme of an exhibition of large works on canvas.

Irrkerlantye Artists
have painted a series of works telling a wide range of stories about water. The artists celebrate soakages and storms, rockholes, rivers and rainbows.

The exhibition opens at Olive Pink Botanic Garden on Friday 7th November and 5.30 pm and runs through to 23rd Nov.