Friday, January 11, 2008

New EPA Resource for Teens


This Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Web site "Your Environment, Your Choice" was designed especially for high school students to help make environmentally sound choices about the products they use, the waste they create, and the environment in which they live.

Sustainability Wiz Online Program

Based on best-practice international research and Gould Group's practical experience with thousands of schools, Sustainability Wiz guides schools through the steps essential to incorporate sustainability in meaningful ways into curricula, operations and culture - and from there into homes.

Using a range of fun online tools and resources, engaging and empowering activities, and through a community of support, Sustainability Wiz provides a one-stop shop for schools and their wider communities.

Importantly Sustainability Wiz allows students from around the world to engage in addressing climate change through actions in their school and the community and tackle issues such as carbon footprint, and water and energy usage to create schools for the future.

Being, Becoming and Belonging

26-28 June 08, Adelaide SA
World Education Forum SA - International Conference

How do we care for and educate children and young people for the world in which they live now and in which we hope they will flourish as citizens of tomorrow?

The World Education Forum, South Australia, thinks that it is time to take stock of the effectiveness of the effort that has been made to date. They urge you to join them and share your expertise and re-examine the values which underpin many of the assumptions that drive modern educational policy.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Have you used wikis yet?

A wiki is a website which allows users to add and edit content collectively.

One wiki that you might like to look at is the Desert Park Education Wiki which will help you to plan educational visits to the Desert Park and to share resources with other teachers.

Another is Eduwiki. Eduwiki is a collaborative partnership between educators across the world that enables us to instantly share ideas, resources, projects, and more importantly to connect to one another. The wiki talks about various digital tools and how members of the wiki find them useful in their classrooms.

Recently a group of NT teachers, some in Darwin and others in Alice, came together via a wiki to work on Re-thinking Waste in Schools. To find out more about this project visit the Rethinking Waste wikispace