Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tips for Energy Smart Offices

A 250 Watt desktop computer, used eight hours a day, generates over nearly half a tonne of greenhouse gases each year. Check your computer, photocopier, printer and fax machine have the Energy Star® power management feature enabled. By enabling Energy Star, the computer goes into a "sleep" mode when not in use, reportedly reducing emissions up to 75% (must be an underused computer!) which would save $76.00 per computer each year.

Energy inefficient appliances add heat to the office and increase cooling costs.

Monitor screen savers do not save energy. Turning off the monitor does.

The life of monitors and disk drives is extended by turning them off when not needed

Portable computers use less energy than desktop models and generally ink jet printers use far less energy per page than laser models.

Use desk lamps or standard lamps where most light is needed, so less lighting is required for the entire room.

Don't over cool: 1°C difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors adds 10% to your bill and increases greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount.

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This inforamtion came from the Desert Knoweldge Australia COOLMob newletter Stay COOL, published on line each month. It is a great resource! To find out more about DKA COOLMob, to join or for a home energy or water audit, contact Kat on 8952 0299

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