Monday, February 11, 2008

iNet student online conference on climate change

Students at your school are invited to take part in the 2008 series of iNet student online conferences, ‘Whose world is it anyway?’

These four online events for primary and secondary students are a chance to discuss big global issues with young people from around the world. Students can also share creative work exploring the issues.

This year’s themes are:

New technologies: a threat or a promise?
Online message boards active 25 - 29 February
*no new contributions can be accepted for this first conference.

Climate change: whose problem is it?
Online message boards active 10 -14 March
Extended deadline for sending in creative work: 25 February

Do you live in a 'global village'?
Online message boards active 28 April - 2 May
Deadline for sending in creative work: 17 March

If you could change the world to create a better future, what would you do?
Online message boards active 16 - 20 June
Deadline for sending in creative work: 12 May

For more information, visit
Register to take part

To make sure you are kept updated, register to participate at

Students may register online individually. Teachers can also register themselves and then pass information on to all their students.
What kind of creative work can be submitted?

· written work: essays, stories, poems, newspaper articles . . .
· videos
· audio recordings
· presentations
· websites

Students providing material for the online conferences are invited to submit an avatar, rather than a personal photo. The two sites that could
be used to create these images are: and
(teachers may need to set up an account for students or students may wish to draw their own picture and send as a jpeg file).

For more detailed information, please visit

All contributions, with students’ age, name, school and country, must be sent to Ms Debra Brydon at by the
deadlines specified above.

Students who aren’t able to submit any creative work by the deadline are still welcome to join in the discussion on the message boards.

If you have any questions about the conferences, please contact Debra Brydon:

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