Monday, February 11, 2008

Sea Week 2008

The Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA) is a national organisation that promotes the sustainable use of marine and coastal environments through education.

Each year a different theme is chosen for Seaweek. In 2008 Seaweek’s theme is "Extinction - a Saw point" highlighting the plight of the declining sawfish. “Sawfish populations have declined over the years because of pressures imposed on them from fishing and modification of their habitat. Sawfish are vulnerable to most forms of fishing in particular net fisheries as at any size their toothed rostrum is easily entangled in the mesh’

If you would like to participate in Seaweek 2008 please visit the MESA website where you can access information about Seaweek including:
• Information sheets on Saw fish and other threatened marine species
• Teaching activities
• Photo gallery
• Scientific papers
• Talk with experts
• Live webcasts during Seaweek

Contact Verity Bone
SA/NT MESA state representative

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