Monday, October 22, 2007


The Winner’s Circle is an approach to understanding and working with the different voices and opinions of the self. When this “community of selves” (Miller Mair) is in conflict, it makes decision making and action a struggle, even for the smallest of things.

The Winner’s Circle was devised to open the dialogue between the different aspects of the selves. Through this process, awareness is reached about particular obstacles or concerns, strengths and weaknesses are explored and tools are provided, leading toward harmony and integration. From a centred self, clarity, opportunities and action emerge. The Winner’s Circle symbolically represents all parts as equally important, and therefore crucial in the process and to the outcome.

The Winner’s Circle was first devised by Jasmine Lance in 2002, who incorporated it into her practice as a Creative Arts Therapist and Theatre Director. In 2006 Jasmine and international Torah Telling presenter, Yael Unterman, co-facilitated workshops in Melbourne and Sydney where this methodology and practice were integrated with outstanding results.

Jasmine’s experience and qualifications in the visual and performing arts, community development, counselling and alternative therapies ensures a dynamic, valuable, enjoyable and multi-dimensional exploration and experience.

WHEN: 27 October, 2007
WHERE: 1 McMinn St, Eastside
TIME: 2 – 5pm
COST: $100

Refreshments will be provided. For further information contact Jasmine on 8952 4969.

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