Monday, October 22, 2007

Council can recycle your cans!

From Monday 29 October people in Alice Springs will be able to bring in their cans for recycling at 5 cents each, as a result of Alice Springs Town Council receiving a $10,000 grant through the EnvironmeNT Grants Programme to undertake a can recycling programme. A maximum of 500 whole or crushed cans per person can be delivered to the collection centre adjacent to the public toilet at the Civic Centre on Todd Street.

“The program is part of a waste management and resource recovery program being initiated by Council. Territory Metals are providing collection bales and will collect them from Council once they are full. This is a one off funding grant, so the recycling will continue for as long as the grant money will allow. Council will be receiving $1 per kilogram for the cans during the duration of the project, and this money will be injected back into the programs to extend it for as long as possible. When people bring in their cans, they will be counted and then the person will be issued with a receipt for the number of cans they have delivered. The voucher can then be redeemed for cash in the Civic Centre reception area by our friendly Customer Service staff,” said Council CEO Rex Mooney.

Alice Springs Town Council has looked into various ways to encourage recycling in Alice Springs over the years, and the receipt of this grant has allowed people in the community be rewarded for thinking green. “Council hopes the community ‘can’ get behind the ‘can’ recycling program. It is a great way for children to make some pocket money, or for individuals to receive some kind of reimbursement for their aluminium cans. It is hoped we can extend the funds for as long as possible, to give everyone the opportunity to seriously contribute to our can recycling program,” said Mayor Fran Kilgariff.

For further information contact:
Mayor Fran Kilgariff (08) 8950 0525 or 0419 376 060
ASTC Chief Executive Officer Rex Mooney (08) 8950 0525 or 0427161956
ASTC Media & Communication Officer Fionn Muster (08) 8950 0546 or 0417884449

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