Friday, September 19, 2008

Bradshaw Sustainable Schools Musical

Last night I was lucky to attend my first ever Sustainable Schools Musical at Bradshaw Primary School in Alice Springs.

Bradshaw have been part of the AuSSI-NT (Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative of the Northern Territory) since we began our Pilot in 2005. Having already achieved some great WaterWise initiatives, which included creating a Public Service Announcement earlier in their Sustainable Schools journey, this years focus has been on Re-Thinking Waste.

The musical was fantastic example of what you can achieve with a whole school approach. Every class was involved and the messages to the community loud and clear. Songs about how the "Dirt made my lunch", Composting, reducing-reusing-recycling, saving water and using solar energy along with many, many more were carefully woven together in a way that told the story of the students learning journey. Also part of the treat was to see those fantastic costumes of the Technology Trio, made from 'old technologies' like video tape, floppy discs and CD's. These stunning costumes made Bradshaw School the Alice Desert Festival overall winners in the 2008 Wearable Arts The fantastic setting in the Waterwise grounds, beautiful weather and the family atomosphere made for a great night out. Thanks Bradshaw!

If you are interested to know more about becoming part of AuSSI-NT contact Emma Bliss 8951 8718 if you are in Central Australia or Louise Fogg 8999 3712 if you are in the top end.

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