Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Green Vouchers for Schools Programme

What are Green Vouchers for Schools?
The Australian Government will provide up to $50,000 for every school to install solar hot water systems and a rainwater tank to improve energy and water efficiency.

Who is eligible?
All Australian primary and secondary schools are eligible for funding. Where a school has previously received funding for rainwater tanks under an Australian Government programme, such as Community Water Grants, this amount will be deducted from the $50,000 grant.

What will be funded?
A rainwater tank above 10,000 litres and a solar hot water system, along with their associated infrastructure and fittings can be purchased with the grant. For tanks the installation costs can include a pump and reticulation to toilets, gardens and ovals etc. The water is not to be used for drinking purposes.

How much will it cost?
This programme will cost $336 million over the next four years.

How to apply?
All schools will be sent a voucher they can use to access the programme. Every school will be invited to register their interest online or by calling 1800 020 625. Schools will need to develop a plan to determine the works that best suit them. During this planning process schools will also identify necessary licences and approvals.

How does the voucher work?
Each school will receive a single grant payment. The payment will be based on a firm quote and delivery timelines obtained by each school to undertake their identified works.

What happens when the work is done?
After the work has been completed each school will provide a final online report and acquittal. Through the online acquittal process, schools will be asked to provide feedback on their energy and water awareness activities undertaken, and the estimated energy and water savings obtained by participating in this programme.

Where can further information be found?
Further information can be obtained by contacting the Department of the Environment and Water Resources on 1800 020 625 or via email on greenvouchers@nrm.gov.au.

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